Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Well I'll be,......

Well I am blessed. Thank all of you for coming over to see me. 

First, I want to say that our Friend Stephen has been very ill. He is on the mend, thank God for that. Duke, I want to thank you again for keeping us updated on him.

  I got laid off about 3 weeks ago. Things were so slow and the boss, bless him, tried everything to keep us all busy. There are only so many times we could sweep the floors. Hopefully it will pick up this spring.

  I got invited on a day trip last weekend. My daughter, son in law, their 3 kids and a friend of the oldest grandson, went up into Kansas to see one of the largest digger tools there are. (I will think of the proper name for it in a minute). Any way it is Huge. I stood under this thing and had to bend backwards to see the top. It was used to dig coal, and when they finished the job, "Big Brutus" got left behind. It was built on site, and wasn't worth it to tear it down and relocate it. So now there is a museum and gift shop and some rather interesting old equipment to see.

  You can climb up into the Big Guy, but my knees won't let me do much climbing anymore. Everybody else went up and said it is so neat.
  After that adventure, we traveled on Historic Route 66 to Baxter Springs Kansas. We ate at a cafe called "Cafe on the Route". I had seen the place on Food Networks show called Diners,Drive ins and Dives. We all really enjoyed ourselves, and the food was really good too. I got the everything but.... burger. There was supposed to be 20 different goodies on it. I didn't count, but there was alot of stuff going on. Had to eat it with a fork almost.

Gotta go for now, take care,

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