Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year.
   I did stay up to "watch" the ball drop. The neighbors shot off the fireworks and I made myself an iced hot toddy.

  Today is probably the last day I will get to spend with the grandgirl before she goes back to mommy. I have had her for 2 weeks and we have had so much fun doing nothing exciting. She is 5 and so sweet it makes my teeth hurt. Anyway we will only have to wait till the weekend and back to the regular schedule. Love that girl.

   My other 3 grands live across the wall of our duplex and I get to enjoy them everyday. The oldest I don't get to see so much of, and I miss him. Love that boy.The second is my biggest helper and lil friend. I see him every evening, he brings his reading homework over and I get to sign his work sheet. Love it. Now the littlest, she is a pistol. She is 2 and the DIVA. Whenever she hears or sees me, here she comes running, hollering NEE NEE!!! I get body slammed with the biggest hug she has. Love it too.

  Did I mention I have a dog? Oh, I have a dog. She came to work before Thanksgiving, starved and just pitiful. All of us pitched in and started feeding her and loving her. The bosses son named her Shiloh. Today she is fat and sassy and has completely taken over one side of the couch and my heart. She may not like me so much after the vet visit, clipped n zipped. Shots and a manicure.
I could go on and on about her but the grands might not like it.
Equal time ya know.

   It has been a very nice 2 week vacation and I have to go back to work Tuesday. Ugh. No more sleeping in til 6. I don't know if I am ready for this. We are supposed to switch to a newer machine and I hate change. It won't be the same and I know I will have to throw at least 2 hissy fits before I resign myself to defeat.
I just hope we have the work to do. It has been terrible slow, and worrisome. Hopefully the world will stop watching the gloom and doom on TV and get on with life.

  Y'all take care and don't forget to eat alot of blackeyed peas today! 

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