Thursday, December 29, 2011

Well the fat man came and the only thing left under the tree is some dust bunnies. No needles, fake tree.

  The kids got me a new camera. They tried to fool me by having me open the memory chip and saying it was the one for my busted Kodak.  Any way the next time it was my turn to open a gift, there was a brand new camera. It does more stuff than my computer! I love it. I was missing getting to take pics of the kiddos.
 Our Christmas feast was very good. A lot of Southern style veggies, candied sweet potatoes, and turkey and ham. I got to fix most of it while everyone was in church. The pecan pie was delish, the pumpkin, I can live without, and the cheese cake was yummy. I did not get my peanut butter pie. I am going to make it for New Years Eve and a blackberry cobbler too.

   Went to the Dr. for a check up and my A1C was a little high, so he switched me over to something else. Doc said it is supposed to suppress the appetite. I told him he just said that so I would take them regular.  Ha Ha

   I started a regular schedule with all the pills he has me on. I think there are 10 pills and inhalers and nasal spray, I hate taking them. I feel outside myself and don't have very good balance sometimes. If it keeps up I will call him and see what he says.

   I better get off here and do something productive.
Catch y'all later.

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