Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wow, has it been that long?
Sorry bout that, life just keeps getting in the way.
Still laid off. Still not getting anything done I wanted to.
I have been immersed in baseball this summer. I am going to start saving up some money to be able to subscribe to the MLB extra innings next year. 8 games at a time on one screen. How cool will that be!
I have entered a contest over at Modern Day Redneck. The prize is a Zombie Tee Shirt sponsored by Buck Wear. Wish me luck.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring is springing?

 Man it was so nice out today. I had the house open all day. Didn't get much done, it is Sunday after all. Tomorrow is another day.
  I need to get some seeds in the pots and get that going. Hopefully the garden spot will get plowed before too long.
 My 2 roosters decided to go at each other yesterday. Funny thing is, Preacher got out of his pen, and proceeded to bloody up Big Boy pretty good, and all thru the pen that Big Boy is in and can't get out of. I wish I could have seen that. This morining they were just puffing up at each other and only just for a short time. I think I have 2 too many Roosters. Too bad I have named them. Oh well. Was that too many  2's in one sentence?
 I am once again going to try an experiment. I will be planting bean seeds using the Good Day, Bad Day signs of the Almanac. I tried last year and the heat was so bad and it was so dry, I didn't get one cucumber. I was very disapppointed. Hopefully it will be better next time. If anyone is interested in reading about the test, go on over to: . Tipper is the nicest person ever and has the best site.
 I better get off here and get the dishes done.
 Y'all take care,
PS, My prayers are out for anyone who had loss and/or damage from the storms the other nite. God Bless

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cub Scouts

I went to my grandsons Cub Scout graduation/dinner, last nite. I was helper Granny.
 My SIL is the cub scout master and my daughter is a teacher for the Tigers and ????.
 They had burger n dogs with all the trimmings for dinner, and a really nice cake decorated with the Cub Scout emblem.
 The rain gutter boat races were the highlight of the evening. The boys had to build and decorate a sail boat from a kit, and were judged on design,uniqueness, etc. Then the race was on. The racers walked along side the rain gutters that were filled with water, and blow onto the sail. So much huffing and puffing, it was cool.
 Most all the boys rec'd ribbons for various accomplishments, and I think everyone had a good time.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


  My daughter decided to have a surprise birthday party for her hubby.
It was today. It was a surprise for him and it went great.  His sister flew in from California and that floored him. He just "knew" she wouldn't be able to get off work or even afford to come. Gotcha!

   Daughter and son in law have been doing the Tour Guide thing. So far they haven't gone out of the county. They have til Monday afternoon to impress his sister but mostly his 15 yr old niece. She thinks Oklahoma is a bit small for her.
  Gotta go now, I'm sure something is on TV that will prove more interesting than this bit of drivel.
Y'all take care,

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm glad thats over

Valentine's Day is over! Yea!!
 I am officially done with chocolate. At least till Easter. The kids overloaded me this year. I overdid it too.
 The 14th was also the SIL's birthday. Had a big supper and lemon cake and presents.
gave the kids their valentine's goodies and had a pleasant evening.
  Well we got our winter storm Monday. It snowed and sleeted and fogged and it all melted away on Tuesday. Highs in the upper 50's yesterday and today. It did come a good soaking rain last nite and most of the day today. I really want to get excited about it being close to spring, but it is sooooo early for that. I just know we might have another ice storm or a blizzard. I do hope not, but this is Oklahoma.
  I am getting ready to pot up some seeds pretty soon. I scored a bargain on some grow lites this past summer and almost have the mini green house set up. Just gotta find a new home for the snake. He is in the way at the moment.
    That's about all there is to share tonite,
Take care Y'all,

Thursday, February 9, 2012

It was a very good day

I started my day by sleeping in. MMMM, so nice. Then I remembered I had places to go and things to do. I scarfed some coffee and headed out to town.

 I hit Wally World first. I found canning jar rings and lids on sale, a pkg of 6 for a dollar. I got $20.00 worth. Not too shabby. They also had some beef at a reduced price. Yum.
 Next up, went to the feed store for chicken feed, they were out as usual. Don't know why I bother, oh yeah, the chickens won't eat any other brand very well. They will have to suffer this week, so will egg production.

 I ate lunch at my favorite Mexican place, and that was very enjoyable. The bank was my next stop. and I hit the dollar store and the grocery store. Homeland had quite a few bargains. Sugar was $1.99 a bag, boxed stuffing mix, .50 a box, and they had Lil Smokies Sausages 2 for  5.00. Not bad.
I had to take a round about to go get some mice for my snake. Then back into town for smokes and a visit to the resale shop. Found me a trench coat, kinda, for 3.00 and a 10 tray dehydrator for 10.00. Another "Not Bad". Finally got to head to the house.

Then I got to visit with the grand kids for awhile. We had Chinese for supper and watched cartoons til bedtime.

  Got home and the dog was mad at me for leaving her behind today, and had strung trash all over kitchen floor. I forgot to lock it up, my bad. She is now sitting on the porch in the cold and rain. Gonna let her just sit there for awhile. She knows she has done wrong the minute I get home. All coward down, side long glances and the tail beating a hole in the carpet. Gotta love her. Not so much tonite.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Im letting you all know there is a contest going on at Wonder Mill. They are giving away an electric mill, or a hand crank mill. Go check it out.
  I will come back later for a visit.