Thursday, February 9, 2012

It was a very good day

I started my day by sleeping in. MMMM, so nice. Then I remembered I had places to go and things to do. I scarfed some coffee and headed out to town.

 I hit Wally World first. I found canning jar rings and lids on sale, a pkg of 6 for a dollar. I got $20.00 worth. Not too shabby. They also had some beef at a reduced price. Yum.
 Next up, went to the feed store for chicken feed, they were out as usual. Don't know why I bother, oh yeah, the chickens won't eat any other brand very well. They will have to suffer this week, so will egg production.

 I ate lunch at my favorite Mexican place, and that was very enjoyable. The bank was my next stop. and I hit the dollar store and the grocery store. Homeland had quite a few bargains. Sugar was $1.99 a bag, boxed stuffing mix, .50 a box, and they had Lil Smokies Sausages 2 for  5.00. Not bad.
I had to take a round about to go get some mice for my snake. Then back into town for smokes and a visit to the resale shop. Found me a trench coat, kinda, for 3.00 and a 10 tray dehydrator for 10.00. Another "Not Bad". Finally got to head to the house.

Then I got to visit with the grand kids for awhile. We had Chinese for supper and watched cartoons til bedtime.

  Got home and the dog was mad at me for leaving her behind today, and had strung trash all over kitchen floor. I forgot to lock it up, my bad. She is now sitting on the porch in the cold and rain. Gonna let her just sit there for awhile. She knows she has done wrong the minute I get home. All coward down, side long glances and the tail beating a hole in the carpet. Gotta love her. Not so much tonite.



Flier389 said...

Our dog Nugget has fits if he doesn't get to go along with. And the wife and I have talked about, maybe, getting a few chickens.

I miss the taste of fresh egg's in the morning. YUM!

Peggy said...

Am loving your blog! Thank you so much for visiting mine and leading me here.