Thursday, February 2, 2012

6 More Weeks of This.....

  So, the stupid sweet lil groundhog saw his shadow. 6 more weeks of this weather. Wow. I can deal with that.

 Hey I found a rather interesting blog today. This gentleman raises worms. I have been researching this very thing. Anyway he is having a challenge of sorts over there and I decided to join in. Here's the deal. The first 5 folks to comment here,that you would like to join in, will get a neat gift handmade by ME! After you comment here about wanting to join, then post it on your blog and have 5 people hopefully want to play. You will have until the end of this year, 2012, to get your five gifts made and sent. That's that then.
Hello? is this thing on?

  Another blog I saw today is, This gentleman is soooo funny. I had to stop reading and get some tissues, and my inhaler. I almost laughed my self outta breath a time or two.

  Did I mention that I am now the dumbest owner of a smart phone?
I got it 2 days ago and just now today figured out how to answer a call. Really. Part of my excuse is no one ever calls me. I can access the internet, and have all kinds of free stuff to stuff in my phone.

  I was reading my email on it this afternoon, and my 6 year old grandson came in and was looking over my shoulder and I'm all telling him how cool it was I can read my email from my phone, and he reaches down onto my computer desk and jiggles the mouse, I look up and yep, there was my email on the monitor.
I sent the boy home.
And turned off the computer.

  I've gotta go now and check in with our friend Stephen. He is keeping us in the loop from home now. Gotta let him know he is still in my prayers.

  You all take care,

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Tom Stewart said...

See, I told you I would show up over here! So now you are on my Blog list and I will go back to the first post and read all about you! Are there any suprises along the way?
I will be back!