Monday, February 6, 2012


  There is so not much to visit about tonite. TV is boring as all get out, and I didn't get anything productive done today.

  I did make an appointment to get 3 new tires put on, for tomorrow. First, I will go have the oil changed, and then put the tires on. Well, not me, oh you all know what I mean. Then I may take a trip into the next biggest town West of here and check out a yarn shop. Doesn't that just sound sooooooooo exciting?

  The kids took me along for the ride to see the Boat, Sport, and Travel Show, on Saturday. Most exciting thing there were 2 of the guys that are on Swamp Men. Joe and his stepson, for anyone out there that watches the show. I try to get caught up every once in awhile. I lived in Louisiana for a little while and really enjoyed the culture and the food and the people. Had a hell of a time trying to pronounce all them Cajun names tho. "First you make a roux.(sp)?
There must have been several million dollars worth of big boy toys at the show. Alot of lookers not many buyers. I really just cannot imagine living in some of those RV's or Boats. Can't imagine the fuel bills either. Whew. But they sure were pretty to look at.

 The chickens have been picking up on their laying. Out of 7 hens, I have 16 eggs for 3 days. Not bad, not bad at all. I just need to find someone who wants a dozen or so.

  For those of you interested, National Geographic Channel is showing, "Doomsday Preppers", at 9:00pm Eastern Time,Tuesday. This should be interesting.

  Better let the dog in, bank the stove, (actually just turn the thermostat down a tick), and call it a night.
You all take care,

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