Thursday, October 7, 2010

What Up?

  Well it's Thursday.  I have had a nice week so far.  My good friend who has been busy learning to be a registered nurse, got a week off and I was on her list of people to visit.  Visit we did!  I almost lost my voice from yakking all day.  It was so much fun. 

  My son and his friend came over for supper.  Fortunately I had put a roast and fixins in the crock pot that morning.  How do they know when you have something cooking?!  Anyway, son's friend had us laughing all evening with his "adventure" stories. 

  My granddaughter who is four, has been here visiting and I have had a ball with her.  We have done everything there is to do, and some things we did twice.  I will miss her when she has to go home. 
 I almost forgot, my other kid, (not related, but I have fed him enough times over the years to qualify him to be one of my "kids"), he brought me a beautiful Dominiker Rooster.  My Copper Penny rooster, died recently and  the boys found this at a farm where they do trades and such.  My granddaughter has named him, Noonel.  (Noodle).  The hens think Noonel is soooo pretty.
That is about all there is, so you all have a good day.

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