Saturday, September 25, 2010


  Geez, I sure come around here alot. That just shows you how really boring my life is.  I went back to work in April, had a machine I could get along with, and then the bottom fell out of the orders coming in.  If we did get an order, there was so much product in the warehouse, there was no need to replenish.  So here I am laid off again.  Hopefully things will pick up soon. 
  My youngest grandgirl turned One in Aug, she growing tooooo fast.  So are her brothers and cousin.  I am really enjoying being around on an almost daily basis.
I did get my chickens, six altogether.  The rooster died tho.  But we are getting a few eggs along.  It is about time to start winterizing their pen.

      One of my kids had to move back in for awile.  I am not looking forward to the mess that is just around the corner.        
    Ya'll take care,

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Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Too funny! Thanks for stopping by!
My daughter is coming for Christmas and already I am dreading the mess that comes with the visit and that is just for Christmas. She is delightful though and I am trying to just concentrate on that and not the rest of what is ahead of sounded a lot like me... :)